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Things You May Not Know About Sealcoating

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The maintenance that a driveway requires can be fairly easy to neglect, and this can lead to you need to have major repair work done to the driveway if you are to protect its appearance and usability. Sealcoating is one of the more common forms of preventative maintenance that can be done to these paved surfaces, but there are some things that homeowners may not realize about these protective coverings: Read More»

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Gas Station Owners

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As a gas station owner, it is very important that you protect its asphalt parking lot with regular maintenance. As oils and gasoline drip onto the asphalt from your customer’s vehicles and delivery trucks, they absorb into the asphalt and damage it. By having your parking lot’s asphalt cleaned and maintained each year, you can prevent it from requiring early replacement and you will greatly improve the look of your gas station in the process. Read More»