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How To Repair Small Asphalt Cracks

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It’s very common in the summer for your asphalt to expand. However, when the first frost hits during the fall, your expanded asphalt will become brittle and rapidly contract. This will cause cracks to form in your pavement. This can be very frustrating because it will drastically reduce the lifespan of your pavement unless you do something about them. Luckily, repairing small asphalt cracks is a quick and easy task that most people can complete in an afternoon. Read More»

Eco-Friendly Road Paving Methods That Don't Waste Energy

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Fixing potholes is often a wasteful exercise. This is because you often end up repaving over old asphalt wastefully both in short term and long term fixes. Instead, here are a few more eco-friendly technologies that can help you be greener and more efficient with your paving repair. Infrared Repair Instead of doing a completely new pave over old pavement that’s damaged and likely wasting material and energy in the process, this approach uses an infrared heater only. Read More»