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Ideas And Recommendations To Ensure A Well-Kept Business Parking Lot

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Your business parking lot is not only one of the first things your customers will see, but it also can be a liability if cracks or potholes cause a fall and injury to one of your customers. Here are some ways you can take care of your business parking lot to create an improved appearance and safer area for your customers.

Apply Preventative Maintenance

The first line of defense in your parking lot's maintenance is to complete repairs and fix the damage as soon as possible before it gets worse. It will be necessary to sweep and clean off your parking lot regularly to remove leaves, trash, and dirt, so while you are cleaning the area, look around for cracks and potholes that need filling. 

Apply the repairs to the cracks and holes with a bagged asphalt repair mixture that you can find at most home improvement and garden stores. Clean up the areas of damage by removing loose pieces of asphalt in the crack or pothole so you have a solid surface where you can apply your patch material. If you have a large number of cracks and holes, it is a great idea to hire a professional asphalt crew to repair them for your business.

Handle Long-Term Refinish

Once every few years and after you have taken care of the monthly and weekly maintenance of repairing cracks and holes, it will be necessary to complete some larger repairs that will protect and preserve the asphalt for a long-term basis. Crack filling and pothole repair is necessary and will fix the damage, but after time, the surface of the asphalt will begin to degrade over its entire area and will need to be repaired with a new application of overlay. 

In an overlay project, the asphalt crew will remove the top layer of asphalt from the pavement, leaving the underlying asphalt in place. Then, grind and remove the top layer. This leaves an exposed granular surface that they can apply a new layer of asphalt onto. This overlay of asphalt seals over the existing base and prevents the need to replace the entire asphalt surface with a new project. Overlay restores the pavement and lengthens its lifetime for many more years.

After several years after an overlay, the surface of the asphalt can begin to dry out. Instead of allowing this to continue further until the surface cracks and fails, you can apply a sealcoating layer over the asphalt. This coating restores the asphalt's petroleum-based flexible qualities and also seals in any repairs to any cracks or potholes that were needed.

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