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4 Tips For Using Ready-Mix Concrete For A DIY Job

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If you have a job that you need to use to use ready-mix concrete for, it can be helpful to know how to work with concrete before you start your do-it-yourself project.

#1 Get Your Supplies Together

Before you start any concrete project, you need to make sure that you have all of your supplies together. Once you mix the concrete together, you need to work quickly, and you don't have time to run around and gather up your supplies. More than other types of projects, it is really important that you have all of your supplies together.

You are going to need a tape measure, a line level, a straight edge, a space, a mixing container and something to stir the concrete with. This does not include the frame, which should already be set-up and ready to fill before you start your project.

#2 Have Your Frame Ready

Your frame needs to be ready before you get your concrete. Your frame is where you are going to pour the concrete into. The ground for the frame needs to be level. You can use steel rebar throughout the frame to create a stable base for your frame. Around the frame should be plywood, you can remove the plywood once the concrete is set. You are going to want to have a frame completely set-up and ready to be filled before you purchase the concrete and bring it home.

#3 Have A Cleaning Area Ready

Next, you need to have a cleaning area ready for your tools. You don't want the concrete to dry on any of the tools that you are using for the project. Once it dries, those tools are pretty much done for; it is really hard to remove dried concrete. You are going to want to have a cleaning station set-up so that you can quickly rinse off your tools.

#4 Mix the Concrete Properly

After that, make sure that you mix the concrete properly. When you purchase ready-mix concrete, all you really need to do is pour the concrete into a solid structure, such as a wheelbarrow, and mix it with water. You are going to want to start by adding a little water, and increasing the water amount until the mixture has a smooth consistency to it.

Once you pour the concrete, allow the concrete to settle and cure before you put anything on top of it. It is better to give your concrete more time to settle than less. For more information, contact a company like Mariotti Site Development Co Inc.