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Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Gas Station Owners

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As a gas station owner, it is very important that you protect its asphalt parking lot with regular maintenance. As oils and gasoline drip onto the asphalt from your customer's vehicles and delivery trucks, they absorb into the asphalt and damage it. By having your parking lot's asphalt cleaned and maintained each year, you can prevent it from requiring early replacement and you will greatly improve the look of your gas station in the process.

Listed below are some tried and true tips for how to maintain your gas station's asphalt:

Tip: Clean and Degrease the Asphalt's Surface

While your staff regularly sweep your gas stations walkways and remove trash, it is also important that the asphalt parking lot is regularly cleaned. The best ways to clean it is with a street sweeper or high-power blower. Once all of the loose dirt has been removed from the surface, then you should apply a degreaser to any areas where you see oil or grease stains on the asphalt. Let the degreasing agent sit on the asphalt for the manufacturers recommended amount of time and then rinse the parking lot with clean water.

Tip: Repair Cracks and Potholes in the Parking Lot

If there are any cracks or potholes in your parking lot, then they need to be patched. You can purchase asphalt patching material at your local hardware store or home improvement center. After the asphalt's surface has been cleaned and degreased, then you should place the patching material into any potholes or cracks. For serious cracks or potholes, contacting a professional asphalt paving contractor could yield the best results. Place some cones around the patched area to keep your customers from driving on the patch material before it has fully cured.

Tip: Have Your Parking Lot Sealcoated and Repainted

Once your parking lot is cleaned and repaired, then it is vital that you have a professional asphalt contractor come out and apply a layer of sealcoating over its surface. If you have a small parking lot and want to do the sealcoating yourself, you can do so using materials found at your hardware store. When you spray the sealcoating material on the asphalt, make sure that you do so in a methodical manner working from one side to the other. To prevent sealcoating material from getting on your landscaping and concrete, place a sheet of plywood over them when you are spraying. Lastly, have your parking lot repainted so the lines are easy for your customers to see.