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Using A Retaining Wall To Protect Your Property

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If you have a property that slopes, then you know that gravity often pulls soil downhill, and sometimes that soil begins to encroach on and damage your driveway. This soil, and its accompanying moisture, could potentially damage your driveway if it's not contained. Not to mention that you are probably losing bits of your yard and landscaping every time you get a hard rain. A retaining wall may be able to solve some of your problems.

Why build a retaining wall?

Retaining walls keep your landscaping in place and prevents soil and mud from flowing into undesirable areas such as your driveway, pool or other structure. If you have a small property or one that is on a heavy slope, then you can use retaining walls to create terraces for your garden or landscape. These same walls can be used as a block to keep plant roots from damaging your driveway. They also add a bit of style to your property if they're done right.

How are retaining walls made?

Retaining walls can be made from a variety of materials which can be arranged to match your existing landscape or create a whole new look. Material examples include walls made from straight concrete, rocks, boulders, bricks, or even wood. Retaining walls are generally around four feet high, but with engineering input, they can be made taller. Certain towns may have more specific height requirements. 

What are the maintenance requirements?

Water buildup is one of the worst enemies of your retaining wall, so everything should be done to reduce its effects. Believe it or not, adding plants on or around your wall help with controlling water, moisture and erosion. Make sure that you keep your plants in shape and remove any dead ones. Check the drain holes and gutters regularly to make sure they are clear of weeds and dirt so that any excess water gets drained. If your wall is made of wood, be sure to protect it from insects. Do not use any kind of salt or de-icers around your wall. Inspect or have your wall inspected at least once a year.

Retaining walls are a great way to keep your landscape from sliding down and damaging your driveway or other part of your home. They are a great way to create a new way to use your landscape and create a new look for your home. For more information, contact Salem Paving or a similar company.