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Keeping Your Asphalt-Paved Driveway Looking Like New

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If you are planning on having your gravel driveway covered with blacktop in the near future, you will soon be enjoying the smooth surface and increased curb appeal it gives to your property. Once the driveway has a coating of asphalt installed, there are some steps you will need to take to maintain it so continues to offer the benefits it is known for. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your asphalt driveway lasts for years to come.

Clean The Surface Regularly To Avoid Damage

If you do not clean your driveway, debris will accumulate upon the asphalt. This will not only look shabby, but can also cause damage to the surface. Moisture tends to pool up around and under debris, trapping it against the asphalt for an extended time. This in turn can cause cracking and crumbling to occur to the driveway. Make it a point to sweep off any stray leaves, grass clippings, and branches regularly to avoid this scenario.

Avoid Excessive Weight Upon The Surface

If you leave a vehicle parked on your asphalt driveway for an extended amount of time, its weight will make an impact to your driveway you may not enjoy. Over time, excessive weight will compact the asphalt below it. For this reason, it is a good idea to move your vehicle into different spots of your driveway each time you park it. If you continually park in the same area, indentations will eventually show in your driveway. 

If you have a vehicle out of commission and you do not plan on repairing it or selling it promptly, have a towing company move it to your garage if possible. If you have scheduled a service to come to your home requiring a large vehicle or piece of heavy equipment, ask them to park on the road rather than drive upon your asphalt driveway. 

Add A Protective Layer For Long-Lasting Durability

When you have your driveway installed, ask your paving service to add a layer of seal coating to the surface. This will add a barrier of protection to the asphalt, helping to keep it from premature wear. After your driveway has been in place for a while, the dark coloring of the seal coat will fade. When it appears more gray than black, have the service return to add another coat to the driveway. Doing this every two to three years will keep the surface of your driveway protected from inclement weather and chemical spills.

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