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Maintaining Your Apartment Complex's Parking Lot

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If you are the landlord for a small apartment complex, and your tenants have their own asphalt parking lot for their vehicles, you will want to do maintenance regularly to this area to keep tenants, guests, and their vehicles safe from injury or damage. Small holes and cracks can quickly escalate into larger problems if exposed to inclement weather and from the wear and tear from the weight of vehicles, making it necessary to check your lot every few months so you avoid excessive damaged areas.  Here are some steps to follow when doing routine parking lot maintenance.

Walk Through The Lot

Take the time to walk through the parking lot every few months to see if there are areas in need of repair. Bring a notebook with you and jot down notations about the damage so you will be able to find the affected areas when it comes time to repair them. Drawing a diagram of the lot and marking damaged spots can be a help. This will also help you determine the amount of material you need to purchase to make the repairs.

Deep Clean The Lot

One way to keep your lot from being damaged prematurely is to clean it regularly. If you leave debris on the asphalt, it allows moisture to become trapped underneath. This in turn will compromise the asphalt as it will soften from moisture, making it more prone to decay. Use a leaf blower or sweep broom to rid the lot of all debris. Doing this every week will keep your tenants safe as they will not trip over branches or clumps of leaves that may be in their path to get into their homes. Wash down the lot with a pressure washer to remove any debris from cracks and crevices you plan on repairing and let the lot dry before you begin.

Fill The Cracks

Use crushed gravel to fill in all cracks in the parking lot. Push the pieces down as far as possible using a screwdriver or putty knife and add a bit more gravel so the entire crack is compactly filled in. Squeeze rubberized asphalt filler into the crevices, making sure to cover all the gravel completely. Use a putty knife to spread the filler over the asphalt so it is uniform with the rest of the parking lot. 

Finish The Job

After the cracks have been filled and the material has hardened, add a layer of seal coating over the entire parking lot. This will cover the cracked areas from view and will give the parking lot a protective barrier to help keep cracks from occurring. Apply seal coat using a squeegee and push broom. When this dries, you will be left with a new-looking parking lot that is ready for a parking bumper and painted guidelines for each spot.

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